What is Social We?

What is Social We?

“When you’re considered odd for talking to a stranger on a train, you’re in a city.”

Social We is your gateway to a more ‘social’ life. When you download the free app you will have access to events & activities (aka Socials) happening daily, all over your city.

Socials are arranged by people just like you and the app allows you to browse what’s happening based on your interests, location, and schedule. It’s on demand stuff to do.



“Life is all about discovery. Discover yourself through the world around you.”

How better to discover all of the cool stuff to do in your city, than from locals!

Thought of something you’d love to do, create a Social and others will come and join you!

You’ll get recommendations based on your interests, rankings and connections. Social We is your ‘doing stuff’ concierge.



“You can do, pretty much, anything! Can’t find it? Then create it!”

A social is an event or activity arranged by someone in your city. Each Social happens within 14 days of creation.

Just a bunch of cool, sociable people with a wide range of interests looking to make the most of their city and free time.

Socials are the heart of Social We, it’s all about doing fun stuff with awesome people!

Sports & Fitness

Art & Culture

Night & Day Life

Food & Drink


The Outdoors

Film & Music


Board & Card Games



“There can be only one.”

Who fancies being the number one beer drinker in their city? Or pub quiz champ? Or 5-a-side football numero uno?

Perhaps eating steak is your bag? Or shopping? Or maybe house music? Curry eating? Yoga? Poker? Chess?

Whatever your interest, you’ll get ranked in your city based on how often you participate.

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