To celebrate our official launch, Social We will be at Freshers’ Fairs across London this upcoming month.

In September you can catch us at London South Bank on the 21st/22nd, London School of Economics on the 22nd, King’s College London on the 23rd, City University on the 27th, Student Central on the 30th, and in October we will be at Imperial College London on the 4th.

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Want to win an iPad?

Come say hello at one of our stalls and you can be entered in to a raffle to win one of 6 iPads (we’re giving one away per fair). There are also other ways to win prizes, visit our competitions page for full details.

Our Goal

We want to make London a more sociable city and have decided to start with university students. You’re young, sociable, up for meeting new people and experiencing all that this great city has to offer! With Social We you will be able to hang out with students from every university all over London.

Social We

Social We is a free app that allows you to browse and join Socials (activities & events) happening all over London every day. All Socials are arranged by other users just like you.

Be excellent with each other“.

Social We


So it has happened our friends. The results are in. The Uk has voted to leave the European Union and it is now down to the politicians to take the next steps to make this very big thing happen (or to quit their jobs and pass the buck around like a ‘dutchie’ on the left hand side). But what does this mean for friendship?

Some of us lost thousands over night due to the fall in value of the pound, many people who have been studying, working, & living here for years are worried about their future in this country, and others are happy that in some not quite, currently, conceivable way… they have control of their country back.

This vote has torn friendships, families, and communities…. well the whole of the UK almost down the middle. There have been clear divides talked about in the news; Old vs Young, Scotland vs England, North vs South, London vs England, Rich vs Poor, etc.

Browsing social media and the popular press, one would not be blamed for thinking this has the potential to get out of hand. Protest marches, incidents of racist crimes, friendships ruined, and more of a likelihood to seek the company of your kind of people (however you define that).


Social We was created for many reasons, but with one ultimate goal.

To bring people closer together.

To create a platform that allows people to meet, to experience new things, to experience new points of views, to widen our horizons, and to enjoy all of the opportunities that are out there. Together.

When we ONLY seek out the company of people who share our exact views, likes, dislikes, political opinions, fashion, and tastes it’s easy to believe we are gaining weight to the notion that we are in the right.

However, we do not believe that this is the case. Whether you are WAY over there on the left, or WAY over there on the right. You, likely, have a lot of blind spots.

The world doesn’t move to the beat of just one drum. Now, more than ever, it’s important to put yourself out there and meet new people. Engage with people you may never have in the past, try new things, and get to know the person behind the stigma you’ve attached to them.

Whether it’s a nationality, a religion, a political view point, a favourite sports team, a preference in food or drink, a taste in music or film, or any other small part of what makes us who we are… there is always something to like, respect, and learn in a person, though sometimes you may have to dig!

Traveling is good for the soul, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in a new culture, a new environment, and you’re forced to interact with an entirely new set of people. To question your own preconceived opinions.

The beautiful thing about living in a cosmopolitan, multicultural and modern city, like London, is you actually have opportunities to do this on a daily basis. There are millions and millions of people, with all kinds of stories to tell, coming from all over the world, looking to write the next fun chapter in their lives.

You, as an individual, have a choice to make. Do you want to watch life pass you by, comfortable with your limited number of friends, experiences, and opinions? Or do you want to take an active role in your life, get out there and meet new people and experience new things? I’m yet to meet someone who has done the latter and not felt their life become enriched through the experience.

Social We is about people. It’s about friendship. It’s about all kinds of people getting together to do all kinds of things.

Our slogan, now more than ever, rings true.

‘Be excellent with each other’.


The Social We team 😀

Social We

Hello from the Social We team!

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the BBQ’s are burning, as are the gingers and the sleepy!

Sitting inside with your playstation, Xbox, good book, or box set seems a poor way to spend such gloriously sunny days!

Today we look at some of the best things to do with friends in London when the sun comes out to play! 😀


Hang out in the park

Get there nice and early, bring a big old picnic, a football, a frisbee, some drinks, a blanket or too, and don’t forget the suntan lotion! A great (non-stressful) way to chat, have some laughs, and enjoy the weather. Click for the Telegraph’s list of best London parks for picnics.


Rooftop bar

Beer gardens are also acceptable, but we love a good rooftop bar in London! Get some mates together, aim to get there at lunchtime… and drink & laugh the day and evening away! Be smart on the clothing choice if the daytime drinks may become an evening thing! Book ahead to ensure a table, most places get very busy around this time of year. Click for the Time Out list of best London rooftop bars.


Outdoor market

When the weather is nice, why not check out an outdoor market!? There is such a great atmosphere at outdoor markets in the Summer time. Great food, amazing music, fantastic bargains, and a great way to meet new friendly people in a great mood! There are all kinds of markets in London specialising in food, music, clothes, and a whole lot more. Click for Visit London’s list of top markets.


Outdoor film screenings

There is something special about watching an amazing movie outdoors with a massive group of people. Depending on the film, the experience can be amazing. Imagine watching Prince’s Purple Rain on a sunny day with hundreds of people singing along! Click for Time Out’s list of open air film screenings this summer.


Outdoor parties

If you are feeling particularly energetic, social, and down to boogey – then a day time rave in the sunshine is for you! We all don’t have the pennies to get to Ibiza every year! 😉 Get some friends together, or find some on Social We, and get yourself over to a London outdoor party and be super social! Whatever your musical preference, there’s a party for you! Click for the Standard’s list of best outdoor parties in London this Summer.


There you have it, a few social ideas how to enjoy the British Summer time in London. People are particularly in a good mood during the Summer, so it’s a great time to meet new people! :)


The Social We team 😀

Social We

Hello chums!

Today we have something fun to share with you. A little promo video we put together showing you what Social We is all about.

Social We is a great way to meet new people to play some sports, explore your city, take in a little culture, have a few drinks, find the best coffee spots in town, do a little gaming, enjoy the great outdoors, and a whole lot more!

Follow Craig on his Social We adventure.

The app will be launched this summer, but you can pre-sign up and be one of the first users today!

Make your city an awesome place to live by making amazing friends and making fantastic memories every day!

Where will Social We take you? :)

Social We

Today we take a brief look at some of the more common friendship squads out there. Which squad would you want to be in?

The ‘terrible for each other’ squad

We all have that friend (or those friends) in our phone book. The ones our girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers & well wishers do not want us going out with. We will get each other in trouble. Someone always has photographic or video evidence of our behaviour. But these friends. These friends often make for the most epic memories!

Hangover friends


The ALWAYS there squad

Now, there is something special about having a group of friends you can rely on for everything. But this does come with a down side. You have to do EVERYTHING with them. Lord forbid you try and introduce a new friend in to the mix! & Stray from the group for too long with outside friends, and you will be shunned.



The HATER squad

Sometimes you just need to sit with your crew and hate on the world. I honestly don’t know what’s more satisfying, agreeing with your friends about how awesome stuff is. Or agreeing with your friends how much you hate stuff. Either way, solidarity in hate is an acquired taste and being surrounded by a group of haters can get tiring.

hater friends


The HIPSTER squad

It has to be a dive bar or a speak easy. He looks like a lumberjack but has no clue how to fell a tree, and she looks like she spent an hour trying to look like she doesn’t care about what she looks like. Love them or hate them, when you’re in a hipster friend squad… you will be drinking your Gin out of a jar, eating ethically sourced quinoa, riding a dishevelled pedal bicycle, and reading books… because they’re better than the movie.



The ‘friends since school’ squad

Pro, you have years of amazing and varied memories to discuss, relive, and rehash during those late night drinking sessions.

Con, maybe you don’t want to be remembered for wetting yourself in assembly, or that morning wood in maths class, or some other character building, yet forgettable, school memory.

No matter what you do, you will always be defined by who you were… as opposed to who you are. But if self-development and personal growth are not your things… Remember that time James farted during history class and Leanne started crying?

The inbetweeners


The sports team squad

When you’re part of a sports team, it can often take over your life. You train together, you play together, & you celebrate together!

While your sports game may not be so competitive, the drinking always is!

The pro for being in this squad, you’re always going to have a big group to get absolutely destroyed with.

The con, well… surely there’s more to life than drinking a pint out of a dirty shoe?

sports drinking


The Taylor Swift style squad

Put together a group of really, really, really, ridiculously good looking people and you’ve got yourself a squad. Pros, you’re gonna get in to all the best clubs, get invited to all the cool parties, and be swarmed with admirers.

Cons, you are eventually going to be competing with one another for that spotlight, that hot girl or guy, or something else equally unimportant.

Watch out for the shallow, selfie, one dimensional lifestyle taking over.

Taylor swift squad


In our opinion, if you can manage to fit a little bit of every squad type above in to your life, you are going to have a great time. Get stuck in just one of them, and you’re gonna miss out on a lot of what life has to offer. Keep your friendships eclectic, after all, variety is the spice of life! :)

Friendship is a wonderful thing, but it comes in many, many different & sometimes hilarious forms.

Love them or hate them, they are all of us.

Today Social We looks at the 16 types of friend we all have on a night out…

1) The ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes’ friend

They tell you they’ll be there in 5 minutes. 20 minutes later, alone, you’re contemplating why you’re friends at all.

Running late friend


2) The ‘Group chatter box’
You know the one. The one that wants to know what everyone is wearing, what they’ve eaten that day, and what a great night this is going to be…

group chat


3) The ‘Can eat whatever they want & still look amazing’ friend

If I even look at a double whopper I feel like a complete fatty. Damn you and your insane metabolism, you know who you are!

eat anything & look good


4) The ‘Always taking selfies’ friend

We all have the friend that acts like their filming a documentary every night out… Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, sigh.

no filter selfie gollum


5) The ‘Always on the pull’ friend

Every friendship group has the ‘renegade pervert’. They are inappropriate, unashamed, and somehow manage to avoid jail time & hookup.

Sleazy friend


6) The ‘Is gonna cry at some point’ friend

Every night out. There comes a tipping point. That 7th glass of Prosecco. That text from the ex. The red eyes. Run away.

dawsons creek crying


7) The ‘drunken revelation’ friend

Because sipping on a cocktail is the perfect time to tell your friends that you’re cheating on your boyfriend with his brother.

drunken revelation friend


8) The ‘Needs carrying home’ friend

Know your limits!

Drunk friend


9) The ‘Dances all night’ friend

Where do they get the energy from?! It doesn’t matter what the DJ is spinning, once they’re on the dance floor there is no getting them off.

Dancing friend


10) The ‘Brutally honest drunk’ friend

Somehow, we all stay friends after. The brutal home truths always come out at some point during a night out.

Brutally honest friend


11) The ‘Loses something’ friend

‘Where’s my phone’? Out come the torches and vain attempts to clear/search the dance floor on your hands & knees.

Loses stuff friend


12) The ‘Party animal let’s do shots’ friend

Because no one wants to get paralytic on their own. Who would have thought peer-pressure would still be a thing at 30!

Shots friend


13) The ‘disappearing act’ friend

“I’m just going to the toilet/bar”. And like that ‘poof’, you have an evening in a bar on your own to look forward to.

disappearing friends


14) The ‘Get’s thrown out of bar’ friend

“I didn’t do anything, man”! Question is, do you leave with your friend, or pretend like you didn’t see it and ignore your phone for the rest of the night?

thrown out of bar friend


15) The ‘Rude to the bartender & never gets served’ friend

Having been a bartender once upon a time. This happens a lot. And yes, we tell all of the other bartenders to ignore that rude person.

Thank you rude friend


16) The ‘Gets in to a drunken fight’ friend

They’re so nice normally… a few beers later, out comes the Drunken Master.

Drunken Master


Which one are you? :)


Social We is coming to your city, very soon!

The app will be available to download in the Summer of 2016, and it’s going to change your life!

Pre-signups are now available for early access :)

Social We

What is the thinking behind Social We?

Ultimately, we really like people and doing stuff.

When you live in a big city, there are always lots of people around and lots of stuff to do. What we have noticed (and we’re sure you have too) is that there is a disconnect between the two, i.e. meeting, said awesome people, and discovering those amazing things to do.

We weren’t too happy with the products out there, if we’re honest, and decided there were a few key things we wanted to make sure of with our app;


  • It’s on demand. We want a plethora of eclectic Socials happening all over your city on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks to join a suitable event.
  • It’s easy to join in AND arrange. Joining Socials is as easy as one ‘tap’ on your phone. But if you don’t find a social that matches what you are looking for, arranging your own is as easy as a ‘few’ taps on your phone.
  • It’s FREE. Why should you have to pay to be social? Social We is 100% free.
  • It’s not for dating. There are one thousand and one dating apps out there at the minute and we didn’t feel like adding to the list. Who are we to stand in the way of serendipity, but Social We is all about finding people who want be social & do what you want to do, where you want to do it, when you want to do it.
  • It’s about discovery. All of the Socials are arranged by people who live in your city. What better way to discover cool and interesting things to do, places to visit, food & drink to consume, and amazing things to see, than with local people with shared interests.
  • It’s a platform. Meaning, we don’t dictate how you use it. You can create or join any kind of Socials you want. Social We is what our community makes of it.


So what ever you’re in to, Social We is the app to help you find people who are in to it too. Your people. Your city. Your experiences.

We’re very excited to be building this product for you, and look forward to seeing you all enjoy it very soon. Watch this space.


…& remember, let’s ‘Be excellent with each other‘.

The Social We team :)

Social We