Friendship is a wonderful thing, but it comes in many, many different & sometimes hilarious forms.

Love them or hate them, they are all of us.

Today Social We looks at the 16 types of friend we allĀ have on a night out…

1) The ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes’ friend

They tell you they’ll be there in 5 minutes. 20 minutes later, alone, you’re contemplating why you’re friends at all.

Running late friend


2) The ‘Group chatter box’
You know the one. The one that wants to know what everyone is wearing, what they’ve eaten that day, and what a great night this is going to be…

group chat


3) The ‘Can eat whatever they want & still look amazing’ friend

If I even look at a double whopper I feel like a complete fatty. Damn you and your insane metabolism, you know who you are!

eat anything & look good


4) The ‘Always taking selfies’ friend

We all have the friend that acts like their filming a documentary every night out… Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, sigh.

no filter selfie gollum


5) The ‘Always on the pull’ friend

Every friendship group has the ‘renegade pervert’. They are inappropriate, unashamed, and somehow manage to avoid jail time & hookup.

Sleazy friend


6) The ‘Is gonna cry at some point’ friend

Every night out. There comes a tipping point. That 7th glass of Prosecco. That text from the ex. The red eyes. Run away.

dawsons creek crying


7) The ‘drunken revelation’ friend

Because sipping on a cocktail is the perfect time to tell your friends that you’re cheating on your boyfriend with his brother.

drunken revelation friend


8) The ‘Needs carrying home’ friend

Know your limits!

Drunk friend


9) The ‘Dances all night’ friend

Where do they get the energy from?! It doesn’t matter what the DJ is spinning, once they’re on the dance floor there is no getting them off.

Dancing friend


10) The ‘Brutally honest drunk’ friend

Somehow, we all stay friends after. The brutal home truths always come out at some point during a night out.

Brutally honest friend


11) The ‘Loses something’ friend

‘Where’s my phone’? Out come the torches and vain attempts to clear/search the dance floor on your hands & knees.

Loses stuff friend


12) The ‘Party animal let’s do shots’ friend

Because no one wants to get paralytic on their own. Who would have thought peer-pressure would still be a thing at 30!

Shots friend


13) The ‘disappearing act’ friend

“I’m just going to the toilet/bar”. And like that ‘poof’, you have an evening in a bar on your own to look forward to.

disappearing friends


14) The ‘Get’s thrown out of bar’ friend

“I didn’t do anything, man”! Question is, do you leave with your friend, or pretend like you didn’t see it and ignore your phone for the rest of the night?

thrown out of bar friend


15) The ‘Rude to the bartender & never gets served’ friend

Having been a bartender once upon a time. This happens a lot. And yes, we tell all of the other bartenders to ignore that rude person.

Thank you rude friend


16) The ‘Gets in to a drunken fight’ friend

They’re so nice normally… a few beers later, out comes the Drunken Master.

Drunken Master


Which one are you? :)


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