Social We is coming to your city, very soon!

The app will be available to download in the Summer of 2016, and it’s going to change your life!

Pre-signups are now available for early access :)

Social We

What is the thinking behind Social We?

Ultimately, we really like people and doing stuff.

When you live in a big city, there are always lots of people around and lots of stuff to do. What we have noticed (and we’re sure you have too) is that there is a disconnect between the two, i.e. meeting, said awesome people, and discovering those amazing things to do.

We weren’t too happy with the products out there, if we’re honest, and decided there were a few key things we wanted to make sure of with our app;


  • It’s on demand. We want a plethora of eclectic Socials happening all over your city on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks to join a suitable event.
  • It’s easy to join in AND arrange. Joining Socials is as easy as one ‘tap’ on your phone. But if you don’t find a social that matches what you are looking for, arranging your own is as easy as a ‘few’ taps on your phone.
  • It’s FREE. Why should you have to pay to be social? Social We is 100% free.
  • It’s not for dating. There are one thousand and one dating apps out there at the minute and we didn’t feel like adding to the list. Who are we to stand in the way of serendipity, but Social We is all about finding people who want be social & do what you want to do, where you want to do it, when you want to do it.
  • It’s about discovery. All of the Socials are arranged by people who live in your city. What better way to discover cool and interesting things to do, places to visit, food & drink to consume, and amazing things to see, than with local people with shared interests.
  • It’s a platform. Meaning, we don’t dictate how you use it. You can create or join any kind of Socials you want. Social We is what our community makes of it.


So what ever you’re in to, Social We is the app to help you find people who are in to it too. Your people. Your city. Your experiences.

We’re very excited to be building this product for you, and look forward to seeing you all enjoy it very soon. Watch this space.


…& remember, let’s ‘Be excellent with each other‘.

The Social We team :)

Social We

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