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It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the BBQ’s are burning, as are the gingers and the sleepy!

Sitting inside with your playstation, Xbox, good book, or box set seems a poor way to spend such gloriously sunny days!

Today we look at some of the best things to do with friends in London when the sun comes out to play! 😀


Hang out in the park

Get there nice and early, bring a big old picnic, a football, a frisbee, some drinks, a blanket or too, and don’t forget the suntan lotion! A great (non-stressful) way to chat, have some laughs, and enjoy the weather. Click for the Telegraph’s list of best London parks for picnics.


Rooftop bar

Beer gardens are also acceptable, but we love a good rooftop bar in London! Get some mates together, aim to get there at lunchtime… and drink & laugh the day and evening away! Be smart on the clothing choice if the daytime drinks may become an evening thing! Book ahead to ensure a table, most places get very busy around this time of year. Click for the Time Out list of best London rooftop bars.


Outdoor market

When the weather is nice, why not check out an outdoor market!? There is such a great atmosphere at outdoor markets in the Summer time. Great food, amazing music, fantastic bargains, and a great way to meet new friendly people in a great mood! There are all kinds of markets in London specialising in food, music, clothes, and a whole lot more. Click for Visit London’s list of top markets.


Outdoor film screenings

There is something special about watching an amazing movie outdoors with a massive group of people. Depending on the film, the experience can be amazing. Imagine watching Prince’s Purple Rain on a sunny day with hundreds of people singing along! Click for Time Out’s list of open air film screenings this summer.


Outdoor parties

If you are feeling particularly energetic, social, and down to boogey – then a day time rave in the sunshine is for you! We all don’t have the pennies to get to Ibiza every year! 😉 Get some friends together, or find some on Social We, and get yourself over to a London outdoor party and be super social! Whatever your musical preference, there’s a party for you! Click for the Standard’s list of best outdoor parties in London this Summer.


There you have it, a few social ideas how to enjoy the British Summer time in London. People are particularly in a good mood during the Summer, so it’s a great time to meet new people! :)


The Social We team 😀

Social We

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