Today we take a brief look at some of the more common friendship squads out there. Which squad would you want to be in?

The ‘terrible for each other’ squad

We all have that friend (or those friends) in our phone book. The ones our girlfriends, boyfriends, mothers, fathers & well wishers do not want us going out with. We will get each other in trouble. Someone always has photographic or video evidence of our behaviour. But these friends. These friends often make for the most epic memories!

Hangover friends


The ALWAYS there squad

Now, there is something special about having a group of friends you can rely on for everything. But this does come with a down side. You have to do EVERYTHING with them. Lord forbid you try and introduce a new friend in to the mix! & Stray from the group for too long with outside friends, and you will be shunned.



The HATER squad

Sometimes you just need to sit with your crew and hate on the world. I honestly don’t know what’s more satisfying, agreeing with your friends about how awesome stuff is. Or agreeing with your friends how much you hate stuff. Either way, solidarity in hate is an acquired taste and being surrounded by a group of haters can get tiring.

hater friends


The HIPSTER squad

It has to be a dive bar or a speak easy. He looks like a lumberjack but has no clue how to fell a tree, and she looks like she spent an hour trying to look like she doesn’t care about what she looks like. Love them or hate them, when you’re in a hipster friend squad… you will be drinking your Gin out of a jar, eating ethically sourced quinoa, riding a dishevelled pedal bicycle, and reading books… because they’re better than the movie.



The ‘friends since school’ squad

Pro, you have years of amazing and varied memories to discuss, relive, and rehash during those late night drinking sessions.

Con, maybe you don’t want to be remembered for wetting yourself in assembly, or that morning wood in maths class, or some other character building, yet forgettable, school memory.

No matter what you do, you will always be defined by who you were… as opposed to who you are. But if self-development and personal growth are not your things… Remember that time James farted during history class and Leanne started crying?

The inbetweeners


The sports team squad

When you’re part of a sports team, it can often take over your life. You train together, you play together, & you celebrate together!

While your sports game may not be so competitive, the drinking always is!

The pro for being in this squad, you’re always going to have a big group to get absolutely destroyed with.

The con, well… surely there’s more to life than drinking a pint out of a dirty shoe?

sports drinking


The Taylor Swift style squad

Put together a group of really, really, really, ridiculously good looking people and you’ve got yourself a squad. Pros, you’re gonna get in to all the best clubs, get invited to all the cool parties, and be swarmed with admirers.

Cons, you are eventually going to be competing with one another for that spotlight, that hot girl or guy, or something else equally unimportant.

Watch out for the shallow, selfie, one dimensional lifestyle taking over.

Taylor swift squad


In our opinion, if you can manage to fit a little bit of every squad type above in to your life, you are going to have a great time. Get stuck in just one of them, and you’re gonna miss out on a lot of what life has to offer. Keep your friendships eclectic, after all, variety is the spice of life! :)

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