Social We Community Standards

The Social We mission

Social We was built to create a simple user friendly platform for excellent people to meet other excellent people.

Today, more than ever, community & understanding is immensely important. Understanding each other, learning about different cultures, experiences, points of views, ways of life, and sharing these with each other. This, is the path to happiness and that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly.

People use Social We every day to make friends, to get to know their city, to network professionally, to find like-minded people to do stuff with, to promote their events, their creative projects, and a whole lot more. It’s all about doing fun, interesting, and challenging things with like-minded people.
Social We is for everyone. Our community is diverse, and all the richer for it.
People should feel safe while using Social We, which is why we have set out a simple set of standards we expect our users to adhere to.
Of course, not everything you find disagreeable will violate our community standards.

Be yourself

Social We is for real people looking to meet other real people to do things with.

Your profile should represent the real you. Use a picture of you for your profile, and be authentic at all times.

Fake accounts are prohibited on Social We and will be deleted.

Be honest

When organising a Social, make sure you are 100% honest, transparent, and clear about who you are, what you want to do, and any details people would need to know before deciding to join you. Other members of the Social We community want to join all kinds of Socials, a well made Social allows them to make an informed decision.

Event Chat

There is no private messaging on Social We. However, you are able to message those within a Social you are attending via Event Chat. Event chat is your opportunity to introduce yourself to others who are also attending a Social, to ask any questions of the Social organiser, or to finalise any finer details regarding the Social.
Respectful behaviour is expected & any abusive language is strictly prohibited.
Event Chat is in place so you do not have to share your contact information if you do not want to.

At a Social

Social We is all about meeting new and interesting people. With this in mind, first impressions count for a lot. Obviously no one gets on with absolutely everyone, however there are a few key things that we expect from people attending Socials.
Be punctual
There is nothing worse than waiting to meet someone for the first time and they turn up 30 minutes late.
Do turn up
If you have ‘joined’ or ‘organised’ a Social, you have a commitment to be there at the agreed time & location. If you have to rearrange an aspect of your social or you simply can no longer attend, please use the ‘Event Chat’ function to let the other attendees know.
As an organiser, please use the settings option within your Social in order to change any Social details and message the attendees.
Be respectful
We really shouldn’t have to list this, but it is very important. Ultimately if you attend Socials and are continuously rude to other attendees, you will be removed from the community.
Every one has joined Social We to meet new people and be more social. While some personalities may clash and we may not see eye to eye on every topic, there is never an excuse to treat another person with a lack of common courtesy.
Social We does not charge for any of it’s services.
Some Socials will have some kind of payment involved, and this is OK.
E.g. Someone has tickets to an event and is looking for people to join. It is fine for them to expect the attendees to pay for their tickets.
E.g. Someone is arranging a 5-a-side football match and has had to pay a deposit for the pitch. It is fine that they expect contributions towards this payment from attendees.
The need for payment should be clearly stated in the Social Description. People should not be surprising you with payment requests during a Social.
We also advise that you do NOT send any money to another user ahead of a Social. We can not guarantee the validity of any particular Social.
We recommend that you attend the Social and any payment is done in person.


Memories are the photos & videos you upload to Socials you have attended. These are a great way to have a scrap book of awesome memories to better remember experiences you have had and new friends made via Social We.

Nude, sexual, or other offensive content is not allowed. The content will be deleted and you may be banned from the platform in accordance with our terms & conditions.

Be sensible 

Common sense is the phrase of the day here. While most people are awesome, friendly, and good natured, there will always be the odd person that is not.
When organising a Social or attending one, do not arrange to meet at someones house, or any other inappropriate location for a first meeting.
You are responsible for your own safety, both as an organiser or, and/or as an attendee of Socials.

Be cool

No bullying.

No shaming.

No harassment.

No hate.

Yes integrity.

Yes kindness.

Yes friendly.

Yes honesty.

No problem.

Types of Social

Social We is a platform that allows you to create opportunities to meet new people & do cool and interesting things. Whether it’s a kick about in the park, a night dancing away, an intense game of dungeons & dragons, or sampling that new Mexican pop-up joint! It’s all good!
However, this is NOT a dating site. Any Socials that are dating focused or sexual in anyway will be deleted and the organiser will be deleted. There are plenty of apps out there for that, this isn’t one. Keep it clean, kids! 😉

User complaints

If you would like to complain about a specific user, you can contact us via
If you feel something illegal has taken place, please do contact the police.
Remember; Be excellent with each other.
The Social We Team.
Social We